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So many changes..... 2015 is the 26th and LAST Saqra's Showcase Festival

Reaction has been mixed.... some people are very upset... and I recommend to them they consider starting a festival themselves!
Some people are asking why I stuck with it this long.  :D

 I am sad to be stopping.... I had no intention of stopping so soon. But the dance climate is changing and most big community festivals are at risk.
Additionally the remaining festivals will need to find additional revenue through larger door fees, pumping workshops.... finding new ways of creating revenue streams. The day of the really big, participant-focused events is coming to an end. And a sponsor ignores change at their own risk.

This event was never designed to make money... and it doesn't. I truly haven't minded donating my time for something that means so much to me as a gift for the community. But I have been dealing with 7 straight years of partial overbooking of this event... there is no longer a warmth in the community for existing events and overbooking is escalating, forcing people to choose year after year.

I'm sure that people will step up all over and provide opportunities for community performance. I look forward to seeing you all at those events in the future.

In the meantime, please join us for one last SHOWCASE community party, and then come visit me at Seattle's Mediterranean Fantast Festival (MedFest) in July , or at Tacoma's La Danse Orientale Competition (in March in a TERRIFIC new location at the Fife Emerald Queen Casino), both of which I also co-produce.

Okay.... what needs to be clarified?



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